the power of pcr testing

Far Superior to the traditional Culture Method

Our advanced molecular PCR testing at CITADEL DIAGNOSTICS provides a wide range of significant advantages over culture-based testing, including speed, sensitivity, accuracy, actionability, reliability and extended range of detection for polymicrobialco-infections, antibiotic resistance and other valuable data.

significant advantages of

Advanced Molecular PCR Testing

Over Traditional Culture Methods

Much Faster Turn Around Time →

→ Faster diagnosis and treatment

     • Saves days before cultured results arrive


Increased Sensitivity →

→ Better detection and identification

     • Even when bacterial load is low, molecular finds what culture misses


Increased Specificity →

→ Better actional insights

     • Provide your clinicians with precise and valuable data to guide treatment


Able to Analyze Polymicrobial Infections →

→ One test, more data

     • Culture methods are optimized for micro-organisms


Preserves Sample Integrity & Reduces False Negatives →

→ Better results

     • Eliminates negative effects of pre-analytic handling on culture methods


Provides Comprehensive Drug Resistance Panel →

→ More effect treatment

     • Identifying key genetic elements that impact clinician decisions


Relies on Genetic Signature →

→ Reliable, dependable test results

      • Does not rely upon imperfect bacteria growth in culture


Improved Antibiotic Stewardship →

→ Better treatment programs

      • Effective treatment, with less unnecessary antibiotic use and resistance

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