Our Mission

Proud to Serve 

As a Veteran owned and operated business, serving and protecting others is more than a job, it’s a way of life.  At Citadel Diagnostics, our mission is to serve and protect the health of Californians, by providing the communities we serve with superior technology, service, care and customized solutions.

We designed our lab and services from the ground up to accommodate a wide range of client needs.  From rapid deployment for widespread health crises to turn-key testing for individual patients, we have the people, processes, logistics and resources to meet the health needs of the communities we proudly serve.


Safeguarding Californians

our lab

Advanced Diagnostic Solutions

CITADEL DIAGNOSTICS is a CLIA and COLA credentialed, high complexity, high-throughput diagnostic laboratory based in southern California, with over 1,000,000+ tests completed.  With results and actionable insights in 24 hours or less, our testing services empower clinicians to diagnose and treat patients quickly, accurately, and effectively.

our people

Our Qualified Team is Always Ready to Help You!

Our people live and breath our company’s mission to protect the health of our patients and serve the needs of our clients. Our commitment to world class customer service includes:

(1) Fast turnaround times that give patients and providers the answers they need, ASAP.
(2) Personal, professional customer service and support that honors and respects every person.
(3) Serving the community beyond the lab, with community programs and services that improve the lives of patients and the offerings from providers.

Our Qualified Team
Our team is ready

Put Us to the Test.

Find out how we can help plan and implement world-class testing solutions that meet your specific needs.  To schedule a free phone, web or in-person consultation, reach out today.

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