World Class Customer Care

Citadel offers a comprehensive Customer Care experience.
Every Citadel client is assigned a dedicated client management team for consistent communication and care.   For patients, our customer service operators are available 24-7 to direct patients to patient care specialists.  

Data dashboard

Real-time Tracking of Status & Results 

Citadel's Advanced Technological Tools provide our clients powerful data with top-line actionable insights for prompt diagnosis and treatment on every testing service we deliver.

[1] Our real-time digital Data Dashboard provides each of our clients a secure, real-time snapshot of test status and results.  Plus, it enables compliant record-keeping and reporting . . . all at your fingertips.

[2]  Our Mobile App utilizes scannable QR codes to check test status of individuals and maintain compliant COVID-19 entrance to facilities.

[3]  All of our tech comes with streamlined registration and simple to use portals, resulting in speed and convenience for you.


Safeguarding Californians

Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Citadel ASP 

Citadel’s ASP service significantly enhances treatment outcomes with antibiotic resistance detection and recommendations for antibiotic efficacy.  Our clients avoid the 2% CMS Antibiotic Stewardship Penalty and receive monthly Antibiotic Stewardship Reports for presentation to the state.

our people

Our Qualified Team is Always Ready to Help You!

Our people live and breath our company’s mission to protect the health of our patients and serve the needs of our clients. Our commitment to world class customer service includes:

[1]  Fast turnaround times that give patients and providers the answers they need, ASAP.
[2]  Personal, professional customer service and support that honors and respects every person.
[3]  Serving the community beyond the lab, with community programs and services that improve the lives of patients and the offerings from providers.

Our Qualified Team
strategic partner

American Safety Group

Citadel Diagnostics is proud to be partnered with American Safety Group (ASG), an industry leader in providing health, safety and environmental services to public and private organizations.  This partnership empowers a turn-key combination of testing, logistics, project management and diagnostics.

our health & safety services

360-Degree Protection


Advanced Decontamination Services are provided via our sister company, AMERICAN SAFETY GROUP (ASG), utilizing proven, cutting-edge technologies to safely rid facilities of dangerous pathogens for months per treatment.


Our experienced teams of experts in health, logistics, compliance and community services help cities, counties and companies plan and implement comprehensive strategic solutions, from plan development to complete, turn-key operations.


Our veteran partners at ASG have decades of experience in the large scale deployment of personnel, resources and equipment in the field, successfully deploying health & safety services for the Department of Defense, FEMA and others.
Our team is ready

Put Us to the Test.

Find out how we can help plan and implement world-class testing solutions that meet your specific needs.  To schedule a free phone, web or in-person consultation, reach out today.

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