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Our mission is providing the highest standard of service, logistics, precision and performance in medical diagnostics.

Over ONE MILLION tests conducted in California.

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Your Health is
Our Mission

CITADEL DIAGNOSTICS is a CLIA and COLA credentialed, high complexity, high-throughput diagnostic laboratory based in southern California, with over 1,000,000+ tests completed.  With results and actionable insights in 24 hours or less, our testing services empower clinicians to diagnose and treat patients quickly, accurately, and effectively.


Safeguarding Californians

Our Mission

Proud to Serve 

As a Veteran owned and operated business, serving and protecting others is more than a job, it’s a way of life.  At Citadel Diagnostics, our mission is to serve and protect the health of Californians, by providing the communities we serve with superior technology, service, care and customized solutions.

We designed our lab and services from the ground up to accommodate a wide range of client needs.  From rapid deployment for widespread health crises to turnkey testing for individual patients, we have the people, processes, logistics and resources to meet the health needs of the communities we proudly serve.


Who We Serve

We proudly offer advanced medical testing and support services to Government &Civic Organizations, Nursing & Memory Care Facilities, Employers, Trade Organizations, Schools, Hospitals, Medical Centers and Physician Offices, and Special Events & Venues.

Medical Centers & Physician Offices

Medical Centers & Physician Offices

Staff & Patients

We offer diagnostic solutions to Physician Practices, Urgent Care Clinics and Medical Centers across California.

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Nursing & Memory Care Facilities

Nursing & Memory Care Facilities

Residents and Staff

We provide fast results, actionable insights and superior service for nursing homes and senior care facilities.

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Government & Civic Organizations

Government & Civic Organizations

City, County, State, and Federal

We work closely with Governmental Organizations and Agencies to provide turn-key testing and health services.

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Special Venue & Events

Special Venue & Events

Attendees and Staff

Complete set-up, testing, results and mobile app passport to help mitigate COVID-19 exposure at events. Site decontamination also available.

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Drive-Thru & Walk-Thru Testing

Drive-Thru & Walk-Thru Testing

For Anyone

We proudly provide quick and convenient COVID-19 Drive-thru and Walk-thru testing stations in the communities we serve.

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Patients & Staff

We offer laboratory services & support to hospitals, addressing their significant diagnostic needs with fast & accurate results.

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Employers & Business Organizations

Employers & Business Organizations

Employers and Employees

We help employers plan and implement custom testing and wellness programs that meet the health needs of their specific company.

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Schools & Educational Institutions

Schools & Educational Institutions

Students and Teachers

We have conducted COVID-19 tests at over 100 California schools, in the State of California's largest school districts.

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Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Citadel ASP 

Citadel’s ASP service significantly enhances treatment outcomes with antibiotic resistance detection and recommendations for antibiotic efficacy.  Our clients avoid the 2% CMS Antibiotic Stewardship Penalty and receive monthly Antibiotic Stewardship Reports for presentation to the state.


Featured PCR Tests

Our advanced molecular PCR testing provides a number of significant advantages over culture-based testing, including speed, sensitivity, accuracy, actionability, reliability and extended range of detection for polymicrobial-infections, antibiotic resistance and other valuable data


We've conducted over One Million COVID-19 PCR tests in California, in a wide range of venues.

COVID-19 + Flu

One convenient, combination test for COVID-19, Influenza A and Influenza B.


Our GI test provides pathogen detection to empower timely diagnosis and treatment.

Nail Fungus

Advanced test for dozens of pathogens, that delivers actionable insights.


A powerful panel for over thirty common respiratory infections and pathogens.


Discreet testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Urine / UTI

A comprehensive panel for over 50 UTI-related infections and pathogens.


Our fast and accurate Wound tests accelerate diagnosis and improve outcomes.
Our team is ready

Put Us to the Test.

Find out how we can help plan and implement world-class testing solutions that meet your specific needs.  To schedule a free phone, web or in-person consultation, reach out today.

other health & safety services

360-Degree Protection


Advanced Decontamination Services are provided via our sister company, AMERICAN SAFETY GROUP (ASG), utilizing proven, cutting-edge technologies to safely rid facilities of dangerous pathogens for months per treatment.


Our experienced teams of experts in health, logistics, compliance and community services help cities, counties and companies plan and implement comprehensive strategic solutions, from plan development to complete, turnkey operations.


Our veteran partners at ASG have decades of experience in the large scale deployment of personnel, resources and equipment in the field, successfully deploying health & safety services for the Department of Defense, FEMA and others.

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