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Employers & Business Organizations

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Our proven and reliable turn-key Employer Testing program includes everything you need to making testing safe and hassle free.

Employers & Business Organizations

Service Process Overview

Our process is simple and turn-key. We provide everything you need, including:

  1. Test stations, logistics and planning;
  2. Fast results via email, text and portals;
  3. Database, results and reporting platforms that meet all HIPAA /privacy standards, and
  4. Alerts for spikes and trends in detection.

We are Work Safety Experts

The health of your business depends on healthy employees.  Since COVID-19 cases and outbreaks can be very costly to companies, corporate clients count on us to test, monitor and track COVID-19 closely.  We partner with business to create custom programs that specifically suit their needs.

Employee Testing Program Features:

  • Planning, logistics, test stations and test administrators
  • Fast results in 12 to 24 hours from our high-throughput laboratory
  • Results via email, text & portals
  • Easy to read reports with actionable insights
  • Multiple test options (PCR, antigen, saliva)
  • Full-service customer support and hotline
  • Alerts for surges and key trends
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Employers & Business Organizations

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